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Widely used in almost all branches of mathematics, algebra is one of the most useful skills for any mathematician. In simple terms, algebra is the use of symbols – usually letters – in place of numbers in mathematical equations.

Algebra is one of the most fundamental elements of mathematics and an important skill for students to master. The study of algebra ranges from simple equations to a range of challenging, often extremely complicated, equations and formulae.

Like trigonometry and other branches of mathematics, algebra is frequently used in the fields of engineering, architecture, design and science. This importance makes it one of the first branches of mathematics that students should learn.

What is algebra?

Algebra is the study of symbols in mathematics and how formulae can be used to apply these symbols. Most people are familiar with algebra in the form of simple equations that replace numbers with symbols such as X, Y or Z.

Many algebraic equations use numbers as variables. An example of a simple algebra equation is 4 + x = 5, in which x is used to replace a number. In this case, it’s fairly easy for a student to work out the value of x using the law of inverses.

Basic algebra study typically involves learning how algebra can be used in simple arithmetic. However, algebra can be used in a wide variety of complex equations, often at the highest levels of mathematics.

What to consider when choosing an online algebra course

Algebra is one of the most important parts of mathematics, and mastering the basics of algebra can often “open the door” for students interested in learning advanced or highly challenging branches of mathematics.

Good algebra courses typically begin using simple equations in which symbols are used as variables. An even progression from simple equations to more challenging puzzles is an important part of effective algebra learning.

Since algebra plays an important role in a huge range of mathematical equations, it’s important for students to study a diverse selection of equations and puzzles in order to feel confident in their algebra skills.

What are the advantages of learning algebra online?

Since algebra can range from simple equations to complex mathematics, learning algebra skills online is a great way for students to begin with simple equations and gradually improve their algebra skills over time.

In an online environment, students can easily return to previous equations to study the techniques applied. This prevents students from falling behind, as is common in a more traditional classroom environment.

What are the challenges of learning algebra online?

Like all branches of mathematics, algebra – particularly complex algebra – requires a deep understanding of algebraic manipulation. In order to understand algebra at an advanced level, students need to take part in dedicated study and practice.

The basics of algebra, which are often known as elementary algebra, are vital for an in-depth, detailed understanding of many other fields of mathematics, making it one of the most important points of study for students.

What should you know?

Algebra plays an important role in many other fields of mathematics, making it one of the first skills any student should acquire. With strong algebra skills, students can gain confidence in their mathematical abilities and make steady progress.

With our online learning programme, students can gain a well-rounded knowledge of algebra and put their skills to the test using practical courses and exercises.

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