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Children are renowned for asking questions ‘Why this?’ and ‘How that?’, but asking Mum or Dad a tough question – often at an inconvenient moment – doesn’t mean they’re asking their teachers.

Children who are struggling to keep up in school often ask fewer rather than more questions in school. They’re afraid of appearing ‘stupid’.

The scary thing is that most teachers are unaware that children are struggling until they’re two or three years behind. Kids are great at covering up their shortcomings and reluctant to let their schoolmates know they don’t ‘get it’.

FutureSchool offers you a way to find out what level your child’s ability is really – whether they’re still in primary education or have progressed to secondary level with some online education.



Benefits of FutureSchool

icon-structuredCheck Ability
Lets you check your child’s abilities out and find out what level they’re actually competent at.

icon-blackboardTheir Own Pace
Provides a way for your child to get up to speed – at their own pace

instrumentsSimple and Structured
Is simple to use and offers structured learning at every level from 1 through to 13 in Mathematics and English.

icon-chartsMonitor Progress
Gives you the means to monitor their progress and support them

FutureSchool is tailored to the current curriculum

Is very affordable – costing much less than a tutor.


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It costs nothing to get your 30 day free trial - with no obligation or commitment (other than to your child). It really is a no-brainer!