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At FutureSchool, we offer online math programs, to help your child reach his or her true academic potential. Our online educational system is affordable, accessible, and an effective learning tool to stimulate the minds of children and ensure success. No matter what your child’s ability level, we have online education programs and content to cater to everyone.


Learn Mathematics

From counting to calculus, our online math courses support children of every age. At FutureSchool, we offer a curriculum that covers beginning mathematics through advanced algebra, trigonometry, calculus, and more. Your child will receive a personalized online math curriculum to fit his or her current ability and needs. Each course includes lessons, feedback, reassurance, and support, along with reports on performance and progress. We ensure that our programs are aligned to your local curriculum so that it doesn’t interfere with teaching and material already being learned.


Baccalaureate Curriculum

Wondering about International Baccalaureate Curriculum? The FutureSchool’s online math courses have been fully aligned with the National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). For those schools that offer the International Baccalaureate or Cambridge International Examinations, curricula are available here with us as part of our standard curriculum library. Our courses cover literacy from kindergarten through 12th grade and include a wide range of topics.



At FutureSchool, it is our mission to develop and deliver high-quality Elearning content while helping students to improve their confidence and classroom performance. Our online English program is convenient and cost-effective and will give your child the confidence he or she needs to succeed at every level in the classroom. Our integrated courses and feature-rich system work with school standards and never get in the way of current learning. Find out how you can get ahead with one of our online education programs.