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How Have Parent-Teacher Relationships Changed?

parent-teacher-relationshipsThe importance of strong parent/teacher relationships

A strong relationship between parent and teacher is essential to the success of a child’s education. It has always been an influential factor in a good education, although the parent/teacher relationship has changed over time.

Parents benefit from being involved in their child’s education by getting ideas from school on how to help and support their children – as well as by learning more about the school’s academic program. The child benefits from being supported both at school and at home with their learning. It has also been shown that when parents are involved in their child’s education the child has increased motivation, improved behaviour, more regular attendance and a more positive attitude about school and homework in general. Also, the teacher will be able to focus more on the task of teaching children and they can learn more about the home environment and the individual needs of the student so that they can provide them with better instruction.

How have parent/teacher relationships changed?

Parent/teacher relationships have changed over the years and they are very different than they used to be. These days more parents than before are actively involved in the academics of their child, as well as in general school operations. Also, schools are starting to value parental input more and consulting parents on various issues.

In the past it used to be that teachers held sway in the classroom and parents did not get involved in their child’s education as much. These days more parents than ever are volunteering in the schools and becoming actively involved in their child’s education – which offers a lot of benefits for children and ensures that they will have a better learning experience.

Tips for building a strong relationship with your child’s teacher

  • Meet them in person. Attend open house days and parent/teacher interviews so that you can meet your child’s teacher and get to know them.
  • Check in with each other throughout the school year so that you can keep track of how your child is developing.
  • Cloud-based education software can be a way to share documents quickly and easily between parents and teachers.
  • A simple phone call every now and then can be a great way to connect with your child’s teacher.
  • If there is an issue, contact should be made as soon as possible so that a solution for the problem can be found.
  • Work together, rather than blaming each other for the child’s struggles and bad behaviour. Both parents and teacher care about the child, so they can work as a team to help the child achieve.

A strong relationship with your child’s teacher will allow you to work together and help your child get the best possible learning experience. Parents and teachers can combine their efforts in a “dream team” and make sure that the student is receiving the support they need at home and in the classroom. For further information on how to help your child in and out of the classroom, visit FutureSchool here.

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