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ACT Year 3 Mathematics

1 Study Plan Study plan – Year 3
2 Time, months Months and seasons of the year
3 Time, minutes Analogue – Telling time – minutes in the hour
4 Data Pictograms
5 Addition Addition to 99
6 Subtraction Subtraction up to the number 99
7 Length Using the metre as a formal unit to measure perimeter
8 Length Using the formal unit of the centimetre to measure length and perimeter
9 Area Comparing and ordering areas.
10 Volume Introduction to volume. using the cubic centimetre as a standard unit
11 Weight/mass The kilogram
12 Time, quarter to, past Quarter past and quarter to
13 Time, minutes past the hour Minutes past
14 Time, minutes to the hour Minutes to
15 Time, digital, analogue Comparing analogue and digital time
16 Lines and angles Describing position.
17 Data Bar Charts
18 Data Line graphs.
19 Calculation-larger numbers The numbers 100 to 999
20 Subtraction Subtraction with borrowing
21 Subtraction Subtraction of two-digit numbers Involving comparison.
22 Multiplication Multiplication – important facts.
23 Fractions Using fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 to describe part of a whole
24 Fractions Using fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 to describe parts of a group or collection
25 Fractions Finding equivalent fractions
26 Fractions Fractions 1/5, 1/10, 1/100
27 Fractions Comparing and ordering fractions
28 Fractions mixed numbers (mixed numerals)
29 Fractions Improper fractions
30 Area Introduction to the square centimetre.
31 3-D shapes Recognise and name prisms according to spatial properties
32 Problems Solve and record division using known facts and sharing
33 2-D shapes Spatial properties of quadrilaterals
34 Lines and angles Mapping and grid references
35 3-D shapes Constructing models.
36 Capacity Using the cubic cm and displacement to measure volume and capacity
37 Decimals Introduction to decimals
38 Decimals Decimals with whole numbers 10th and 100th
39 Exam Exam – Year 3